The Systems

Hewlett Packard T610 Thin Client

A surprisingly versatile mini-PC in a very compact console like form factor. For a gaming PC its very basic with a 1.6Ghz Dual Core AMD T56N processor and Radeon HD6230 GPU, but as an emulation box it’s very ideal. In built storage has been replaced with a 120Gb SSD. Windows 10 provides a base OS for emulators to run on. Happily runs everything up to and including PlayStation 1 using the superb DuckStation emulator and Windows XP with full Direct-X hardware 3D support thanks to an older version of VirtualBox.

Parky Towers

Microsoft XBox 360E

The 2013 final update to Microsoft’s 7th generation console. Sleek all in one design incorporating a 250Gb Hard Disk Drive and based around the newer XBox One case styling. The 360 offers support for around half of the previous generations XBox titles. Some compromises needed to be made to ensure my game selection fit within this list but without having too many systems attached to the TV this box provides support for several high profile games across both generations that have never been picked up by latter systems for Backwars Compatibility support.

Backwards Compatibility List

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

The mid-generation refresh for the forth Sony console boosts the underlying system specifications to support outputing content to new 4K television sets with HDR support. Being a PlayStation 4 all existing games for the original model work just fine, sometimes with a performance boost. Newer games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, and Last of Us Part II being written specifically to take advantage of this consoles new capabilities.

Pro Enhanced Games

Microsoft XBox Series X

A new generation and a new console. Full 4K support. More games targeting 60fps. Ray Tracing. Super fast SSD storage providing almost cartridge like game loading speeds. Both Sony and MicroSoft’s new boxes have a lot to offer.

I was set on replacing the PS4 Pro with a PS5. One less box under the TV. Access to certain Sony exclusive franchises and studios. However changes in the PlayStation ecosystem forced my hand here. Cloud storage for game save data has long been a PS Plus feature, and the only feature that has interested me. However not being an online multi-player gamer and not really needing access to yet more game thanks to the PS Plus library, and preferring physical games where possible, Plus has never been a value proposition for me.

With the PS5 back up of game save data is now exclusively in the cloud which remains behind the locked behing the PS Plus paywall. This is ransoming my data. Microsoft offer a different value proposition.

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim

Slimline repackaging of the third PlayStation console. Quieter and more reliable than the original 2007 fat model. Specifications are roughly on par with the XBox 360. Almost no need for this system and the XBox but eight years without any other significant upgrades provides plenty of time to have both systems and see some of the best of both worlds.