Ten Pin Bowling

One of two games on the sixth cartridge released for the early Videopac games console. It’s a fairly basic implementation of this popular sport. A ball moves from side to side at the bottom of the lane. The player presses fire when they are ready to release the ball and then can move the stick left of right to add spin and alter the shot direction slightly.

It’s all fairly simple stuff even for this era of gaming, barely more advanced than the Tennis/Pong games of the previous era. Still it was on par for what was being released during the first couple of years on contemporary systems such as the Atari 2600 or Fairchild Channel F.

It’s a competent enough version of bowling giving a full ten frames and both one or two player options. A couple of minor gripes around how scoring/play is worked for spares and strikes, and the impossibility of the 7-10 split. But given an 8Kb game cartridge on a late-70’s 8-bit system it’ll be a bit much asking for a full on simulation.



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