The third version of Pong for systems based around the General Instruments chip. Pretty much the same as the previous two, white on black, two bats and a ball. Analogue controllers move each players bat up and down. The difference with this variant being both bats are on the same, right hand, side of the screen.

The ball comes in from the right, from behind the bats, and bounces off a now solid wall on the left. Each player takes it in turn to return the volley and bounce the ball off the left side wall. If a player fails to return their shot then their opponent scores a point. As with all Pong games first to score 15 wins.

It’s not quiet as confusing as Soccer in keeping track of whose controlling which bats, but the two bats are close enough together that it’s not as simple as the basic Tennis game. There’s not really a whole lot that can be done with Pong and the two main variants aren’t really doing their job of giving variety in gameplay.

Just play Tennis, it’s a classic for a reason.



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