One of three games included on the pack-in cartridge given away with every Videopac console purchased. This game simulates, or tries to, the excitement of some fast paced Formula One action.

You take you red car, at the bottom of the screen, and tear along the track at blistering speeds for two minutes. Your objective simply to avoid collisions and successfully overtake all computer drivers for two long minutes.

The issue with Race is really down to its pure simplicity. You’re simply dodging left and right for two minutes and on Level 1 you get to know exactly how long those two minutes really are since the pattern of the oncoming cars is incredibly easy to manage and the fastest speed it fairly pedestrian.

On Level 2 there is a bit more of a challenge since you can travel a bit faster and so the timing of the pattern becomes ever so slightly harder to navigate. Scoring is simply a case of amount of time you’ve not collided with another car. That said scoring does increase faster at high speeds so for the best scores a flawless run at Level 2 is needed at breakneck speed.

It’s a fun enough game given the era and the fact there are two other games on the cartridge as well. But even so it is all just a little too basic and lacks any real long term appeal.



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