This is the forth variation of the classic Pong game offered by the General Instruments widely used Pong-On-A-Chip. While the chip itself officially supports 6 games (technically 7, 2 being light gun games), most Pong clones based of these chips, indeed most Pong clones, only offered these standard four game – Tennis, Soccer, Squash, and Practice.

Practice is essentially a single player version of Squash, and the only single player game on these systems. It’s function is, exactly as it says on the tin, to allow the player to practice their volleys ready for two player challenges in one of the other three games. As in Squash the ball bounces off a now solid left hand wall and your goal is simply to return the volley 15 consecutive time.

You score for every volley you return and your score is reset when you miss a volley. Miss a total of 15 volleys and it’s game over.

As expected Practice is a mostly unexciting game but it does happily offer enough to get your eye in when friends are not abundant for a real match.



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