This is easily one of my favourite games from the earliest main era of video gaming. The late-70s arcade period supported by very basic home consoles like the Videopac, VCS, and Channel F but before games like Space Invaders, Pacman and Donkey Kong lifted the Atari machine above its rivals.

The game is very simple, as they all where, and very Pong-esque. You play one of two wild west gunfighters and must simply be quicker on the draw than your rival. Known as Boot Hill in the arcades, you must guide your cowboy around the screen and quickly press the fire button when you think you’ve lines up the perfect shot on your opponent. First to 10 wins.

One nice feature of the Videopac version is the choice of opponents. The default is a straight two play match against a friend, one on each joystick. However without a friend you can use either joystick to play and the Videopac will detect the other joystick is not being used automatically and take over control of the rival gunslinger, giving you a single player computer controlled opponent.

More interestingly, start the game without touching either joystick and the Videopac will play against itself!



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