Cruising On Broadway

Back in 1986 my next-door neighbour introduced 9-year old me to the world of computers, offering up a 16K ZX Spectrum to monopolise the family television with. There was only a handful of games, being the 16K model most Speccy games were too big to play. Cruising was one of those games.

It was this game and Jetpac that the whole family would obsess over for the next couple of months. Especially Sundays while Dad was cooking dinner. We’d set high scores, he’d pop in while the yorkshires where rising and try to beat us, and on it would go. We’d get up the next morning with the Speccy still preciously turned on, a new high score set with parents having been up all night battling against 5 chasers.

The game itself is very simple and in presentation is nothing that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the previous Atari and Philips systems. In fact it’s really just a variation of the Pac-Man theme. You have a maze/grid of lines that you must pass over and change their colour from white to green. The maze is complete when all the lines have turned green.

Attempting to stop you are the chasers who move randomly around the mazes. They move much, much faster than you and when you collide it is game over. There are only four mazes with just one chaser on the first playthrough. However each time you successfully complete a set another chaser is added to make matters harder.



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