Catching up on games I foolishly missed when I first upgraded to the 360, my first impression of Crackdown is to compare it with Sony’s Infamous on the PlayStation 3. I think this is the earlier release but almost certainly they were both secretly in development around the same time unbeknownst to one another.

Like Infamous this is a slightly cartoonish take on the GTA III open world formula using a similar cell shaded 3D art design, flamboint over the top action and a superhero flavour to the action. Where Infamous focuses on the superhero with super powers and the player becoming either good or evil with their new found talents, Crackdown put you firmly in the role of the police cleaning up the city. However you are no ordinary police officer. You are a specially designed cloned officer with enhanced abilities, especially leaping tall buildings in a single bound, that grow as you progress.

The major difference is Infamous sticks closer to the GTA format where Crackdown veers back towards the run’n’gun action of the likes of Metal Slug. Indeed while it is certainly a full open world game, the actual design of the world feels more like an arena in a first person shooter like Quake. Pretty much the entire game is running and shooting while leaping from platforms and dodging rocket fire.

Rocket fire itself really is the big annoyance in this game. You get hit and the rag doll physics over exaggerates and sends you bouncing around the map. Half you health gone almost always the NPC would have reloaded in this time and have sent the second shot of to completely dispatch you before you’ve recovered and was ready to fire back.

Ultimately the game itself is very shallow and missing any real plot to properly tie the whole thing together.



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