Computer Golf

I think this could be the very first ever video game of Golf. I could be wrong but I do struggle to find details of anything that predates this. The other major contender being the Atari 2600 version of the same game. From what I can make out the G7000 does predate the Atari version but there’s a lot of very obvious similarities between the two games and honestly the copying of ideas usually went in the other direction.

You play an overgrown stick figure with what appears to be a sizeable penis extension in place of a golf club. You guide this, er, big man around a very miniature 9 holes of pitch ‘n’ put. It is supposed be a very basic par 3 affair for each hole. A round of 27 which I completed in, well, erm, 44.

You guide your man around the course so his, er, ‘club’ is touching the ball at the right angle for the shot you wish to make. Then hold fire to set up the strength of the back swing and away you go. Hopefully avoiding the two of three trees laying around for hazards.

Trees are a bit of a bug bear for this game. Getting entangled with one cause your stick guy to throw several fits until the ball is finally moved to a save position for the next shot. Thankfully tangling with the trees doesn’t effect your play count, just slows you down.

All in all, especially for the time (circa 1980), this plays a fairly competent and enjoyable round of Golf.



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